Your tour of breweries, brewpubs & pubs will be
escorted by personnel knowledgable about beer, brewery
production & beer analysis.

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TJM Enterprises LLC – D.B.A. Pubs of Portland Tours is a locally

owned business dedicated to promoting the craft breweries, pubs
and beer culture of Portland, Oregon

Who We Are :

Marc C. Martin (owner)
1996 graduate of University of California @ Davis, Pro-Brewer Course
20 year, award winning, homebrewer
Professional beer magazine feature article writer
President of the Plato Republic Homebrewers club
25 year involvement in the Portland brewing community

Charles Culp (associate)
2004 graduate of the Siebel Brewing Institute – Chicago, Illinois
13 year, award winning, homebrewer
Brewery design and operation consultant
Local beer blogger “An Ear For Beer” blog

What We Do:
Facilitate tours of large, small and obscure breweries/brew pubs in Portland, Oregon.
Tours will include details of the brewing process, beer sampling, a discussion of the

various styles and a personal tasting score sheet. All tours will include a minimum
of 4 breweries/brewpubs with beer available at each location.
Tours may also include introductions to brewers and a walk

through the production facilities.
Guided tours are conducted using the Tri-Met light rail and trolley

system, one of the most advanced in the U.S.***

Our Goal:
We are dedicated to providing all tour participants with an enjoyable,

informative and fun experience at affordable prices.

*** Short walks will be involved – maximum of 4 blocks
A Portland Oregon based pub tour business dedicated to promoting breweries, microbreweries, brewpubs, craft beer, beer making and beer with a guided tour of pubs in Beervana. Portland tourism and Portland beer is enhanced with tours, brewery visits, pub tour, pub crawl, and a beer tour